Seeking volunteer film makers!

The Orange Lilies Project – Volunteer Roles: Film makers (Ages 15-25)

We aim to find creative ways to commemorate soldiers through the medium of film and textiles, created by young people (age 15-25), showing their creative heritage response to the events of the centenary in Brighton.

We will create four short films to document and share the project as it progresses. Made by young people, this heritage subject will be given an accessible and fresh vision that other young people can enjoy, as well as general audiences, who will be better informed as the project develops.

Each of the films will give the project a tangible legacy after it’s end. The Orange Lilies project will culminate with a fifth, evaluatory final short film about the achievements, experiences and discoveries made during the project. The films will be made accessible to project partners for further reach as well as having an online presence on the project blog and screened where possible at project events, such as the Fabrica film screening.

The short films produced will be made available for local schools, partners, relevant projects and organisations to use throughout the WWI centenary.

LITA Palace Pier.jpgThe Film makers will receive support and training to:

  • Work with a film making mentor to research and create five short films about The Orange Lilies project
  • Attend training and project sessions to create these films
  • Visit The Keep archive and other related venues
  • Attend events, exhibitions and outings related to project
  • Complete short films and share these with the project

Skills Required:

  • Learn new skills about film making
  • Use and think creatively about material in archives for film
  • An interest in film making
  • A positive and imaginative approach to volunteering
  • Good interpersonal and team working skills

For more information, please contact:

Nicola Benge

The Orange Lilies Project Manager

Tel: 07727 006538


Thanks to QueenSpark Books and its’ Letter in the Attic project for use of this image.


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