Petition to create a Battle of Boars Head memorial in Brighton

cyril-at-lowthers-lambs-reunion-third-row-foruth-from-leftIf you’d like to see a memorial to those who served and fell at the Battle of Boars Head in World War I erected in Brighton and Hove, then please sign this petition by 12th December.

Link here:


We the undersigned petition Brighton & Hove Council to The city of Brighton and Hove has this year commemorated those men who gave their all during the Battle of Boars Head but there is no permanent commemorative memorial specifically for this one day that had such a huge impact on the city. I wish to propose that a permanent memorial be erected, which will ensure that this event does not fade from public memory and ensure that the men are remembered in perpetuity.

This year has seen the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of Boars Head, this largely unknown battle which had such an overwhelming effect on Sussex and the city of Brighton and Hove had faded into the forgotten past of public memory with only a few knowing about ‘The Day Sussex Died’. The number of men lost from the city were unknown and until this year the date was not commemorated in the city.

After recent research the number of men lost as a consequence of the battle is currently 62, this number is not fixed and may rise with further research.


This ePetition runs from 16/11/2016 to 14/12/2016.


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