Herbert Henry Boxall

Herbert Henry Boxall was born on the 26th March 1884 in Bury, West Sussex. He died in 1975 at Worthing living 91 years. His regiment was the Sussex Yeomanry.

 Home life

Herbert was the third child to Walter and Harriet Boxall. Herbert had two elder brothers Louis b.1879, Walter b.1882. He also had a younger sister Edith b. 22nd May 1990. In 1891 all the children were attending the local school.

In 1901 all three of the boys are following in their father’s footsteps as Blacksmiths.

On 7th April 1909 Herbert became a Police Constable with the Brighton Borough Police Force. It is not known where he was living at the time but within the 1911 Census, three years later; it is revealed that he was living as a boarder at 82 Coventry Street, Preston. (This is Preston Village, Brighton).

Military career

There appears to be no traceable Military records available for Herbert Boxall at this time although this matter will be reviewed. It is known that Herbert Boxall applied for permission to join the Army and was given permission to leave Brighton Borough Police by Chief Constable William Gentle on 19th May 1915.

Other Police officers that were given permission to leave the Brighton Borough Police Force on the same day included Sidney Barrow, Thomas Ford, Ernest Griggs, Henry Hayter, Charles Moorey and George Sutton.

It is not known at present whether Herbert went to war or remained with the Yeomanry.

Post war

It is known that Herbert rejoined Brighton Borough Police on 14th August 1919 along with Richard Lintott, Sydney Millen, Jack Cheesman, Christopher Gaston, Clifford Gaston, and Arthur Avis.

It can be presumed that Herbert Boxall did his bit for King and Country but it is not known where. The 1939 Register is our next insight to Herbert’s life which finds him alive and well living back at his parent’s home at Bury Gate. Herbert is living with his 87 year old mother Harriet along with his sister Edith.

Herbert is shown as a retired Police Inspector. (No trace can be found of his promotions). He is single and appears never to have married.

Herbert died on 11th April 1975 at 95 years of age at Swan Cottage, Rackham, Pulborough. His death is registered in Worthing.

Probate was registered in London on 23rd June 1975. Herbert’s estate was valued at £4018.

Copyright Researched and reported by Ian Borthwick 2017, Retired Sussex Police Officer AB579. Served between Nov 1976 to March 2007.


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